LIZA CASTRO Oval Light Brown Buntal Clutch

LIZA CASTRO Oval Light Brown Buntal Clutch

1.600,00 DKK

Oval light brown clutch of hand-woven buntal fiber with the signature “O” on its snakeskin flap and a removable snakeskin strap

Size: 17 cm x 14 cm x 9 cm

Strap: 127 cm


Lining: Black quilted suede


Shipped in a LIZA CASTRO dustbag and box within 2 to 5 days


LIZA CASTRO’s clutches are made of natural materials, such as hand-woven buntal fiber or snakeskin from the Philippines.

The buntal fiber is from the tropical Buri palm tree. Buntal fiber strands are drawn out of the leaf stalks of the Buri palm and hand-woven into a strong consistent pattern.

Slight variations in the pattern can come from its hand-crafted quality.

The LIZA CASTRO “O” is the brand’s symbol for the luminescent golden South Sea pearl from the Philippines and the natural beauty and process it stands for.

The shape of this LIZA CASTRO clutch resembles the shape of the oyster, the mother of the pearl.

Model/Product no.: LC1-003C
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