LIZA CASTRO Golden South Sea Semi-Baroque Pearl Earrings

LIZA CASTRO Golden South Sea Semi-Baroque Pearl Earrings

5.000,00 DKK

These 18 karat yellow gold hook earrings feature semi-baroque golden South Sea pearls and the pearls are mounted on the signature "O".

These South Sea pearls originate from the Philippines. The golden hue is a natural colour and it has not been subjected to any kind of treatment.

Shape: Semi-baroque

Colour: Gold

Size: 9-10 mm


Shipped in a LIZA CASTRO box together with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and "Pearl Wear and Care Instructions" within 2 to 5 days


Note: Pearls are made and formed by the sea, a process that can take up to five years. Produced by nature with distinctive characteristics, they are AS UNIQUE AS YOU. Like you, no pearl can be exactly like any other pearl.

There are natural variations in the form, colour, size and texture of LIZA CASTRO’s pearls, but one thing common to all of them is their lustre.

Your chosen item might be slightly different from the one shown on our webshop.

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