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Liza Castro is an MBA and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from Henley Business School in England.


In addition to designing and managing the company LIZA CASTRO, Liza is affiliated as a “Visiting Academic Fellow” and Supervisor at Henley Business School’s Doctor of Business Administration Programme and as a Senior Lecturer at the Business Academy Aarhus, University of Applied Sciences, in Denmark.


Liza has experience as Chairman and Member of Advisory Boards of companies and alumni associations and is an active volunteer in the Academy of Management’s Human Resource Division where she organises and chairs academic workshops at the Annual Meeting in North America. Prior to joining academia, Liza worked for more than 10 years as Marketing Manager in the education, hotel and IT sectors in Denmark and before settling dowin in Denmark, Liza worked for five years in Norway, Spain and Los Angeles.


LIZA CASTRO presentation in English

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