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How to order


1.  Find the desired product.

2.  Put the product in the shopping cart by clicking the icon "Add to Cart".

3.  (You can continue your search, if you wish to purchase other products).

4.  If you regret your chosen items or if you wish to make corrections and change the number of items, you can either delete by clicking the delete button or edit the number in the box. "Update Cart" if you want to see the price after the changes.

5.  Go to checkout. The screen says "Check". On the next screen, select the payment method and shipping.

6.  Enter the customer information and delivery address.

7.  Click "Continue". Confirm the order and the data you entered.


Your order will only be sent when you click "Complete Purchase". If you leave before doing so, the purchase transaction will not completed. The system will immediately send you an order confirmation on the email you provided in the customer information.

Once your order
is shipped, an electronic message will be sent to you.